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Screening Research

Make droplet generation and manipulation effortless. ONYX droplet generator combines pumps, microscope, high-speed camera and high-voltage power source into an easy-to-use package that is a complete solution for any lab.
Easily perform droplet cytometry and selection with the STYX HTS platform that combines fluorescence analysis, droplet manipulation, and easy-to-use software, making it an ideal solution for functional screening workflows.
Within minutes, encapsulate tens of thousands of single cells into Semi-permeable capsules that are designed to support multi-step workflows, even ones that involve a harsh lysis step, without the loss of compartmentalization.
Combine effortless droplet generation and manipulation with high-throughput fluorescence-activated droplet sorting for the most comprehensive microfluidics-based screening solution. Onyx has droplet merging, mixing, splitting, and picoinjection capabilities to support even the most complicated workflows. Convenient droplet collection ensures a simple and straightforward transition to Styx for high-throughput functional screening. Both Onyx and Styx are compatible with our semi-permeable capsule technology.
Accelerate Your Multi-Step Molecular Analysis With Semi-Permeable Capsules
Semi-Permeable Capsules are a breakthrough technology designed to support multi-step molecular analysis, even those that require a harsh lysis step, without loss of single-cell compartmentalization. With the push of a single button, up to 8 samples can be simultaneously incorporated into biocompatible SPCs, encapsulating tens of thousands of single cells into SPCs in minutes. Once generated, the SPCs are stable under any reaction conditions and are suitable for any downstream reaction, which can be performed in a bulk-like manner on millions of SPCs in parallel using standard laboratory equipment.
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Droplet generation and droplet manipulation kits contain everything needed to ensure reliable results of your droplet-based assays.