Single Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit
high-quality microbial genome recovery at scale
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Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit is designed to uniquely label up to 10,000 microbial single amplified genomes (SAGs) per experiment. Begin by encapsulating individual microbial cells into semi-permeable capsules (SPCs) and seamlessly continue with lysis, genome amplification and cell labeling. Prepare barcoded SAGs for sequencing using commercially available NGS library preparation kits.
Assemble single microbe genomes de novo
High Throughput
Up to 10,000 cells in a single experiment
Achieve strain-level taxonomic resolution
Link individual genomes with extrachromosomal DNA
Quantify absolute microbial abundance
Cost Efficiency
Retrieve whole genomes up to 100x cheaper
Kit components
Cell Lysis
  • 2x Lysis Buffer
  • Neutralization Buffer
  • 50x Wash Buffer
  • 10x Stop Buffer
  • Water
Debranching & End Prep
  • Debranching Enzyme
  • 10x Debranching Buffer
  • End Prep Enzyme Mix
  • End Prep Reaction Buffer
Whole Genome Amplification
  • WGA Polymerase
  • WGA Enhancer
  • 10x WGA Reaction Buffer
  • dNTP Mix
  • Primer Mix
  • Ligation Enzyme
  • 10x Ligation Buffer
  • Barcodes Plates
  • Ligation Adapter
Catalogue number CKP-BARK1
Sufficient for 3 runs x 10,000 barcoded microbial cells
Sample type Microbial cells (DNA)
For use with (equipment)
Sequencing Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq 550, NovaSeq
Shipping conditions Dry Ice
Storage -20 °C
Intended Use Research Use Only
Technology access options
Cells, nuclei, large molecules
Up to 8 samples Pipetted into microfluidic chips
Flux system encapsulates samples
Samples collected in tubes or plates
Run time: 30 min
SPC size: 80 μm
Throughput: 200,000 SPCs per lane
Cells, nuclei, large molecules
1 sample per run
Onyx platform encapsulates samples
Samples collected in tubes or plates
Run time: flexible
SPC size: flexible (35-150 μm)
Throughput: flexible, typically 1,000,000 SPCs per hour (70 μm)
Dark Matter
Analyze genomes of uncultivated microorganisms, unraveling hidden microbial diversity and functional potential in environmental samples.
Microbiome Profiling
Identify individual microbial strains within complex communities for a more accurate understanding of microbiome dynamics and functions.
Infectious Diseases
Monitor the spread of virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance genes via HGT by linking microbial genomes with extrachromosomal DNA.
Bacterial Evolution
Study the impact of mobile genetic elements on evolutionary trajectories of complex microbial communities by linking MGEs to host genomes.
Or let us test your samples with our kit

Thinking about doing single-cell metagenomics but not sure whether Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding kit will be a good fit?

Test your sample's full potential quickly and easily by sending it to us. The proof of concept experiment includes the following:

  • Sample preparation
  • Cell encapsulation into SPCs
  • Single-microbe DNA barcoding
  • Sequencing on the Illumina platform (NextSeq 550 or NovaSeq)
  • Data demultiplexing by cellular barcodes

For more comprehensive data analysis, please reach out to our partners at the Bigelow Laboratory's SCGC.

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