Atrandi Biosciences Hosts Pre-Conference Workshop at EMBL Human Microbiome Symposium

VILNIUS, Lithuania | October 2023 –

Atrandi Biosciences Hosts Pre-Conference Workshop at EMBL Human Microbiome Symposium

Atrandi Biosciences had a noteworthy presence at the EMBO | EMBL Symposium: The Human Microbiome, hosting an exclusive pre-conference workshop as part of the event. The workshop, led by Senior Product Manager Linas Pupelis, drew the attention of around 100 microbiology scientists seeking insights into the latest developments in microbial ecology.

Exploring Microbial Genomics
Participants at the workshop had the opportunity to delve into Atrandi's innovative Semi-Permeable Capsule (SPC) technology. The session, led by our expert senior product manager Linas Pupelis, shed light on the practical applications of ultra-high-throughput single-microbe genome sequencing. The workshop provided valuable insights into how this innovative technology can revolutionize microbiome profiling, facilitate the de novo assembly of unculturable microbes, and enable detailed analysis of horizontal gene transfer for antimicrobial resistance or virulence.

Addressing Challenges in Microbial Diversity:
The workshop tackled the challenges associated with studying diverse microbial populations within environmental samples using bulk sequencing methods, such as 16S rRNA sequencing or shotgun metagenomics. These widely-utilized techniques, while common, exhibit limitations in taxonomic resolution, the ability to capture absolute abundance, and establishing connections between mobile genetic elements and their respective hosts.

The Future of Microbial Ecology:
Atrandi Biosciences presented a practical solution to address limitations in shotgun metagenomics. The workshop highlighted the SPC technology, seamlessly integrating droplet throughput with well versatility. This allows scientists to conduct single-cell metagenomics on complex microbiome samples, facilitating the discovery of new strains and establishing horizontal gene transfer trajectories to better understand the spread of virulence or antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Shaping Microbial Research:
The SPC technology presented has the potential to redefine the field, allowing for an unlimited number of processing steps on genetic material from millions of individual microbes in parallel.

As contributors to the microbial ecology domain, Atrandi Biosciences remains committed to advancing technology that unravels the intricacies of complex microbiomes. Stay tuned for updates on our ongoing initiatives and contributions to the evolving world of microbiology.