Atrandi Launches Proof-of-Concept Program for High-Throughput Single-Cell Microbial DNA Sequencing

Atrandi Biosciences Proof-of-Concept Program
Atrandi Biosciences Launches Proof-of-Concept Program for High-Throughput Single-Cell Microbial DNA Sequencing

VILNIUS, Lithuania | February 2024 –

Atrandi Biosciences has recently unveiled the Flux microfluidic system and the Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit. This novel kit labels up to 10,000 microbial genomes in a single experiment, allowing for high-throughput microbial genomics applications. As part of this launch, Atrandi Biosciences introduces a proof-of-concept program to let microbiology researchers assess the potential of high-throughput single-cell DNA sequencing on their samples.

Addressing Challenges in Microbial Community Analysis

High-throughput bacterial DNA sequencing at the single-cell level holds great potential for investigating diverse microbial communities, characterizing microbial “dark matter”, exploring horizontal gene transfer, and other applications. Existing methods like shotgun metagenomics and 16S rRNA sequencing face limitations in capturing rare microbes and resolving closely related species or strains. The Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit, based on semi-permeable capsule (SPC) technology, aims to make single-amplified microbial genome (SAG) sequencing scalable and accessible, reducing the cost of library prep and sequencing to an unprecedented $1/cell.

Proof-of-Concept Program

To assess the suitability of the Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit for customer samples, Atrandi Biosciences is launching a proof-of-concept program. Researchers can send their samples to Atrandi Biosciences' R&D facility in Vilnius, Lithuania. The dedicated team will process the samples using a streamlined pipeline, which includes the following essential steps:

  • Sample preparation for encapsulation
  • Cell encapsulation into SPCs
  • Single-cell DNA labeling
  • Sequencing on the Illumina platform
  • Data demultiplexing by cellular barcodes

Comprehensive bioinformatic data analysis is available as a separate service in partnership with Bigelow Laboratory's Single Cell Genomics Centre. Deliverables in separate service packages include de novo genome assemblies, functional assembly annotation, assembly taxonomic assignments, general genome characteristics, and more.

Atrandi Biosciences envisions that this proof-of-concept program will simplify technology evaluation for microbiology researchers.

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