Accelerate Your Single‑Cell & Single‑Molecule Research With Droplet Generation

Onyx makes droplet generation and manipulation effortless, enabling high-throughput analysis of biological samples at a single-cell and single-molecule resolution. It combines intuitive syringe pump control with high-speed microscopy that's powered by the latest advances in computer vision for AI-assisted experiment control. Designed to be reliable, flexible, and easy to use, Onyx is a complete solution for any lab wanting to adopt droplet microfluidics technology.
Sample Handling
4x Syringe Pumps
High-Speed Imaging
Up To 4K FPS
Droplet Analysis
Active Manipulation
Generator Module
Easy Droplet Generation & Manipulation
Directed Evolution
Isolate individual cells or biomolecules in aqueous droplets that serve as microreactors for in vitro selection schemes. Compartmentalization of individual variants into droplets offers precise retention of the genotype-phenotype connection and substantially reduces reagent demand. Integrated droplet manipulation capabilities are useful for assays involving reagent addition steps.
Single-Cell Sequencing
Separate individual cells with high precision into aqueous droplets of picoliter to nanoliter volumes. Droplet generation occurs at a frequency of thousands of droplets per second and is intrinsically scalable, perfect for high-throughput experiments. Cell barcoding workflows are supported for simplified sample handling without the loss of cellular identity.
Antibody Discovery
Encapsulate single mAb-secreting cells along with reporter molecules into their own reaction vessels. Generate thousands of droplets per second for massive parallelization of high-throughput experiments. Compartmentalization into droplets enables the creation of controlled microenvironments for individual mAB-secreting cells.
Drug Discovery
Compartmentalize DNA-encoded libraries into microfluidic droplets, which will preserve and retain the chemotype-genotype connection. Each aqueous droplet can serve as its own reaction vessel, allowing precise control of the concentration of small molecules within. Small droplet volumes require less sample and reagents for drug screening, significantly reducing costs.
Microbial Analysis
Isolate, manipulate, and analyze individual microbial cells, revealing the genetic and metabolic diversity of microbial populations and communities. Rapid droplet generation enables high-throughput microbial analysis, reducing time and cost. Perform culture-independent analysis, including analysis of microbial communities directly from environmental samples.
Synthetic Biology
Aqueous droplets serve as excellent microreactors for the assembly of synthetic proteins, gene circuits, and synthetic cells, as well as functional materials such as hydrogel beads. Generate thousands of picoliter- to nanoliter-sized droplets per second, enabling high-throughput experiments that save time, costs, and reagents. Precise control of the chemical microenvironment allows the fine-tuning of biological processes.
Any Chip
Compatible with a wide range of commercial and custom-made chips.
Any Reagent
Utilize reagents such as enzymes, fluorescent dyes, buffers, and substrates.
Any Assay
Produce droplets from any aqueous solution, organic solvent, or viscous sample.
Accelerate Your Single‑Cell & Single‑Molecule Research
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