Atrandi Biosciences launches a new semi-permeable capsule kit

VILNIUS, Lithuania | April 2023 –

Atrandi Biosciences launches a new semi-permeable capsule kit

Atrandi Biosciences, an emerging developer of innovative microfluidic solutions for the life sciences, is thrilled to announce the release of its groundbreaking Semi-Permeable Capsule (SPC) technology through the debut of the SPC Innovator Kit. Compatible with Atrandi’s Onyx platform, the SPC Innovator Kit represents a significant leap forward in single-cell analysis, allowing users access to SPC technology. Capable of generating one million 70 µm SPCs per hour, the kit facilitates the encapsulation of hundreds of thousands of cells at single-cell resolution.

For the first time, SPC technology supports compartmentalized multi-step workflows on thousands of individual cells simultaneously. The permeability of the SPC shell opens up new possibilities for complex molecular biology workflows, including multi-omic sequencing, processing of hard-to-lyse microorganisms, and efficient liquid colony culturing for functional analysis.

The SPC Innovator Kit is designed for technology developers seeking to scale their complex workflows to previously unimaginable levels. Atrandi Biosciences envisions to use the SPC technology as a versatile platform for developing single-cell analysis applications, with a particular focus on microbiology and oncology markets.

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