Atrandi and Bigelow SCGC collaborate on bioinformatics services

Atrandi x Bigelow | 2024
Atrandi Biosciences and Bigelow Laboratory's Single Cell Genomics Center (SCGC) have teamed up to complement the high-throughput single-cell microbial DNA sequencing workflow with bioinformatics services

VILNIUS, Lithuania and BOOTHBAY, ME, US | February 2024 –

Atrandi Biosciences has recently released a new microfluidic system Flux and the Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit to support high-throughput microbial DNA sequencing. The workflow is powered by the unique features of semi-permeable capsules (SPCs) that allow performing complex manipulations on thousands of isolated single cells in parallel.

The Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit enables unique labeling of up to 10,000 individual microbial genomes per run, surpassing existing single-amplified genome (SAG) sequencing methods in throughput and reducing library prep & sequencing costs to $1 per cell. Such throughput is especially useful for the analysis of complex microbial communities in the context of microbial ecology, microbial dark matter investigation, horizontal gene transfer research, and other microbiology areas.

The extensive data generated by high-throughput SAG sequencing necessitates robust data analysis. To support researchers with data interpretation, Atrandi Bio has entered a collaboration with the Bigelow Laboratory’s SCGC. Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is a world leader in microbial oceanography and SCGC is a nonprofit research and service center with a primary focus on microbial single-cell genomics. With 15 years of experience in microbial single-cell sequencing, SCGC will provide bioinformatics data analysis services to complement Atrandi Bio’s SPC-based microbial sequencing workflow.

Atrandi Bio and Bigelow SCGC believe this collaboration will further lower barriers to entry for microbial single-cell genomics and pave the way for a new era of microbiology research.

About Bigelow SCGC

SCGC® is a nonprofit research and service center at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, primarily focusing on microbial single-cell genomics. SCGC’s mission is to make single-cell genomics accessible to the broad research community and to serve as an engine for discoveries in microbial ecology, evolution, bioprospecting, and human health. Since its establishment in 2009, SCGC has developed partnerships and supported research projects at over 100 universities, research institutes, and companies on six continents.

About Atrandi Biosciences

Atrandi Biosciences is at the forefront of microfluidic innovation, offering the most versatile and user-friendly technologies that meet the increasing demand for better tools to study complex biological systems at single-cell resolution. With the ability to process 10,000 cells per run and perform multi-step assays without losing compartmentalization, researchers can seamlessly integrate microfluidics into any R&D workflow or scientific application. Atrandi's systems have already been deployed in over 50 leading academic and commercial laboratories worldwide, highlighting the rapid adoption of their novel microfluidic technologies.

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