Atrandi Bio Expands Global Reach with Exclusive Distribution Partnership with 9X Bio in China

Atrandi Bio Expands Global Reach with Exclusive Distribution Partnership with 9X Bio in China

VILNIUS, Lithuania | July 2023 –

Atrandi Bio, a leading provider of microfluidic solutions, has joined forces with 9X Bio, a well-established distributor in China, to solidify an exclusive distribution agreement. This collaboration marks a significant expansion for Atrandi Bio, bringing its cutting-edge microfluidic solutions directly to the thriving scientific community in China.

Recognizing the dynamic landscape of scientific exploration in China, Atrandi Bio anticipates substantial opportunities for its innovative technologies. The exclusive distribution agreement with 9X Bio perfectly aligns with Atrandi Bio's commitment to making its advanced microfluidic solutions easily accessible to researchers in the region.

Guided by the leadership of CEO Juozas Nainys, Atrandi Bio has consistently driven advancements in scientific research. This collaboration with 9X Bio presents a unique opportunity to introduce Atrandi Bio's high-throughput screening and single-cell sequencing technologies to the thriving scientific community in China.

Sharing his thoughts on the collaboration, CEO Juozas Nainys remarked, "Our exclusive distribution agreement with 9X Bio is an exciting step forward for Atrandi Bio's global reach. We're genuinely looking forward to teaming up with 9X Bio and making our microfluidic solutions directly available to the scientific community in China. It's a promising collaboration that aligns well with our mission to contribute meaningfully to scientific advancements in this dynamic region."

About Atrandi Biosciences: Atrandi Biosciences is an innovator in microfluidic tools, offering the most versatile and user-friendly technologies that meet the increasing demand for better tools to study complex biological systems at single-cell resolution. With the ability to process a million cells and perform multi-step assays without losing compartmentalization, researchers can seamlessly integrate semi-permeable capsules and droplets into multiple workflows, and use Atrandi’s complete kitted solutions. Atrandi's systems have been deployed in over 100 leading academic and commercial laboratories worldwide, growing rapidly.

About 9X BIOSCIENCE (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.: 9XBIO is a distributor alliance company, which devotes its concerted efforts to build China's most extensive sales and technical networks of life science products and applications. 9XBIO is committed to introduce innovative products and cutting-edge technologies around the world to the biological scientists in China. Motivated by the same visions and goals, 9XBIO was initiated by nine large regional distribution companies. With its headquarter in Shanghai, 9XBIO member companies has branches and offices in every provinces throughout the country.