High-throughput screening

Accelerate Your Analysis of Biological Samples With Droplet Microfluidics

High-throughput screening (HTS) involves the rapid and automated analysis of thousands of unique biological samples per day. Droplet microfluidics technology has revolutionized HTS, as droplets can be generated and sorted at ultra-high-throughput rates, permitting millions of screening assays to be conducted in parallel and completed in only a few hours. Droplet microfluidics also facilitates HTS based on functional assays rather than binding affinity, offering the most powerful approach for the efficient discovery of cells and molecules with a target phenotype.
Functional Screening
Functional screening is based on the activity of a target molecule in its biological context and can be designed around diverse readout principles, such as cell proliferation, expression of a reporter gene, downstream signaling, or other events that result from ligand binding. Encapsulation in droplets ensures co-localization of the target molecule and reporter molecule.
Droplet Sorting
Fluorescence-activated HTS strategy is compatible with virtually any functional assay where activity can be revealed by a fluorogenic substrate. If a fluorescence signal triggers a sorting event, an electrical pulse is automatically applied to the sorting junction that deflects the droplet into the narrow arm of the sorting junction for effortless collection of positive “hits”.
Droplet Cytometry
Measure and analyze the phenotypic characteristics of cells or particles within a heterogeneous population. The use of multiple fluorogenic substrates coupled with multiple independent fluorescence detection channels allows for the simultaneous detection of several independent cellular markers or molecules.
Discover why labs around the world are switching to
Microfluidics for functional assay screening
Functional Screening
Assess phenotype via functional response rather than binding affinity
Ultra-high-throughput rates screen hundreds of samples per second
Compatible with any screening assay that relies on fluorescence readout
Massive Parallelization
Save time by screening millions of compartments simultaneously
Millions of tiny reaction vessels consume only microliters of reagents
Screen and recover live cells encapsulated in aqueous droplets
Directed Evolution
Screen large variant libraries for desired phenotypic qualities quickly and easily with sorting rates as high as 1 kHz, which means completing millions of functional assays in hours compared to days. Fluorescent-activated droplet sorting is compatible with virtually any functional assay where activity can be revealed by a fluorogenic substrate. Droplets containing the desired variants will be sorted and collected for downstream analysis.
Antibody Discovery
Perform high-throughput phenotypic analysis of individual mAb-secreting cells, completing up to millions of single-cell functional screening assays in a single day. Functional mAbs activate reporters to produce a fluorescence signal that triggers the sorting of “positive” droplets from a heterogeneous population and eliminates the need for prior knowledge of binding characteristics. Massive parallelization enables the identification of rare cells that produce high-affinity antibodies.
Drug Discovery
Fluorescent-activated droplet sorting enables the high-throughput screening of massive DNA-encoded libraries, significantly reducing timelines in early-stage drug discovery. The presence of the desired functional activity can be translated through fluorescence intensity, and droplets containing positive “hits” can be sorted depending on their level of fluorescence. The effects of different drug candidates on various targets and pathways can even be screened simultaneously.
Functional Metagenomics
Conduct high-throughput screening of complex environmental samples, including from unculturable bacteria, and sort droplets based on the presence of specific functional activities, such as enzyme activity. Efficient high-throughput screening of large metagenomic libraries enables the identification of less widespread catalytic activities and rare genes that could not be predicted based on sequence homology. Droplet-based functional screening is faster than traditional plate-based assays and also reduces the likelihood of sample contamination.
The platform enables droplet cytometry and on-demand manipulation applications. STYX combines fluorescence analysis and droplet handling systems and is controlled with easy-to-use software making it an ideal solution for functional screening wrokflows.
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