Atrandi Unveils Transformative Single-Cell Analysis Tools for Microbial Genomics

VILNIUS, Lithuania | January 2024 –

Atrandi Biosciences Unveils Transformative Single-Cell Analysis Tools for Microbial Genomics

Atrandi Biosciences introduces Flux, an intuitive microfluidic platform, and the Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit, supporting high-throughput microbial DNA sequencing. These innovations harness the power of Semi-Permeable Capsule technology to overcome the foremost challenges in microbiology research and redefine scientific exploration in this field.

"Today's microbiologists must grapple with the complexities of deciphering diverse microbial communities, achieving precise genetic insights, and navigating the ever-expanding frontiers of single-cell analysis," explained Dr. Juozas Nainys, CEO of Atrandi Biosciences. "At Atrandi Biosciences, we believe in equipping researchers with the tools to turn these challenges into breakthroughs, and this means making advanced single-microbe analysis not only available but also economically viable for widespread use. With Flux and the Single-Microbe Barcoding Kit, we usher in a new era of microbiology research marked by high-throughput, multi-step molecular analyses in Semi-Permeable Capsules.”

The cornerstone of this transformative solution lies in the unique design of Semi-Permeable Capsules (SPCs). SPCs feature an aqueous core encased in a hydrogel shell, which acts as a size-selective membrane. This design enables the exchange of small reaction components, such as cell lysis reagents, while preserving the isolation of single cells or biomolecules. This empowers microbiologists to seamlessly integrate harsh chemical lysis procedures, ensuring complete access to bacterial genomes without concern for downstream reaction interference. The porous nature of SPCs also facilitates seamless liquid media exchange, opening doors to high-throughput single-cell cultivation within these precisely controlled compartments.

"The release of Flux, accompanied by the Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit, signifies a significant stride towards democratizing Semi-Permeable Capsule (SPC) technology, extending its accessibility to microbiology laboratories around the globe," emphasized Dr. Nainys. Flux simplifies microfluidics with its user-friendly, push-button operation and a space-efficient design, seamlessly adaptable to any laboratory environment. Its remarkable speed and precision in sample encapsulation empower researchers to embark on massively parallel high-throughput experiments, and the resulting SPCs exhibit robust stability across a broad spectrum of biochemical reaction conditions. Downstream reactions can be executed efficiently, mirroring bulk processing, utilizing standard laboratory equipment.

The introduction of the Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit streamlines one of the most sought-after downstream applications by providing all the reagents and consumables needed to efficiently label individual microbes encapsulated in SPCs for subsequent next-generation sequencing. It enables unique labeling of up to 10,000 individual microbial genomes per run for subsequent library preparation and sequencing, substantially surpassing the throughput of existing single-amplified genome (SAG) sequencing methods. Such throughput is especially useful for the analysis of complex microbial communities in the context of microbial ecology, microbial dark matter investigation and other microbiology areas.

Together, Flux and the Single-Microbe DNA Barcoding Kit are thoughtfully designed to empower researchers worldwide. They break down barriers to entry and pave the way for a new era of microbiology research. The versatility of SPC technology promises to catalyze a multitude of comparable disruptions across scientific disciplines.

About Atrandi Biosciences
Atrandi Biosciences is at the forefront of microfluidic innovation, offering the most versatile and user-friendly technologies that meet the increasing demand for better tools to study complex biological systems at single-cell resolution. With the ability to process 100,000 cells per run and perform multi-step assays without losing compartmentalization, researchers can seamlessly integrate microfluidics into any R&D workflow or scientific application. Atrandi's systems have already been deployed in over 50 leading academic and commercial laboratories worldwide, highlighting the rapid adoption of their novel microfluidic technologies.

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